An intelligent to-do app that learns when to remind you

Daybreak uses a mix of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to learn patterns in your behavior. What does all that mean for you? Less time spent setting reminders and more time getting things done.

Automatic Time Recommendation

Over time Daybreak's algorithms learn your scheduling patterns and will recommend times to you.

Simple NLP

Daybreak recognizes certain keywords like 'afternoon', 'evening', or 'lunch', and will automatically suggest when to remind you.

Google Calendar

All of your reminders created in Daybreak can be added to your Google Calendar.

Data Visualizations

A beautiful statistical report visualizes your usage patterns so that you can better understand when you tend to set reminders.


Customize the appearance of Daybreak to your personal style and choose from over 10 different themes.

Cloud Syncing

Save all of your lists, tasks, and reminders to the cloud. You will be able to access them with our Mac app (Coming soon...).